Guiding our Children; Helping our World

How can our our childrens' collective consciousness help build a new future? How do we ensure raised consciousness in children around the globe, not just in our own households?

How do we bring about a new consciousness in our children as part of a spiritual revolution? How can raising enlightened children help the overall existence of and on the earth?

Abundance for Your Children

How can we help our children apply the laws of abundance at home and at school? How do we make the concept easy enough for a child to understand and embrace, and still make it meaningful so that they may put it to practice?

How have you helped your children understand the concept of abundance? What kinds of things do you want manifested for your children and your families?

Meditation for Healing Energy

Share your insights on how to use meditation to heal yourself and others.

What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You

Are we headed for a pharmaceutical Armageddon? How the collective negative trends in the American pharma machine is killing our loved ones for fun and profit, and what we can do about it.

Have you had an experience that revealed problems with the pharma industry in America? (Vioxx, Heparin, and others) Do you know how pharma representatives "sell" drugs to doctors, or how much drug education YOUR doctor has? Are we simply treating symptoms and not solving our root cause health issues? And how can spirit-based healing help solve the ills of the world?

Applying Spiritual Enlightenment at Work

Is it really possible to be "present" at work? And how do you transcend the effects of ego when you are in a critical environment or when dealing with the public?